The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?

If you’ve worked in an industrial setting long enough, odds are you’ve heard the phrase “TRI” or “Form R.” However, you may not know how it a ...Read More


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The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?
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Tom Anderson

Last week I took my lunch break and sat in a downtown park. It was a beautiful day but I noticed something different as I look at the activities around the park. The park was surrounded by city streets and I'd been coming here over lunch during the past several years since our office had relocated from the suburbs to the downtown area. I usually came when it was great weather and ate my lunch. What was different? I noticed a dramatic increase in the bike traffic along the city streets versus the amount from several years earlier. I truly believe people are making lifestyle changes to be more sustainable. Riding a bike versus driving a car is one such choice. I do know that Indianapolis is trying to become more bicycle-friendly and I believe it is starting to have an impact. Kudos for being green!

Post Date: 9/28/2011

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