The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?

If you’ve worked in an industrial setting long enough, odds are you’ve heard the phrase “TRI” or “Form R.” However, you may not know how it a ...Read More


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The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?
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Expiring Stormwater Permits

Tom Anderson

August Mack Environmental works with hundreds of clients on many different types of projects. One of the more common projects is helping with stormwater permitting and compliance. If you have an expiring stormwater permit, do you seek outside assistance in renewing your permit? I would say that most people would say no. But some facilities are just too busy to handle on their own thus we can help out. Or a more likely scenario is the facility personnel are so busy, they didn't even realize their permit expired. Most stormwater permitting is controlled at the state level so each state may have some uniqueness to their requirements. I'd be interested in whether your facility does its own renewal or uses outside consultants. Please comment.

Post Date: 6/13/2013

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