The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?

If you’ve worked in an industrial setting long enough, odds are you’ve heard the phrase “TRI” or “Form R.” However, you may not know how it a ...Read More


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The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?
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May 27th Webinar - The Relationship Between US DOT Haz Materials and RCRA Regulations

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Many environmental, health and safety regulations overlap, which requires the EHS professional to have a strong understanding of how these regulations work together to shape our management practices at the facility level.  One of the most notable and confusing areas of overlap is between the management of U.S. DOT hazardous materials and RCRA hazardous wastes. 

In this webinar, we will explore how DOT and RCRA regulations apply to materials from the time they enter and ultimately leave your facility.  We will cover what facility’s need to know about accepting, labeling, and storing hazardous materials; how generated hazardous wastes may impact your facility’s waste generator status; and ultimately, how to properly send the materials from your facility as either a waste or a product. Register now to attend! 

Post Date: 4/29/2015

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