September 12th Webinar: So Much to Do, So Little Time: Options for Environmental Due Diligence

There are multiple different options available for environmental due diligence, each varying in their complexity and the time it takes to complete them.  Frequently, the ty ...Read More


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What is Hollow Stem Auger Drilling?

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Hollow Stem Augers are used for soil sampling and ground water monitoring in industrial and commercial sites. Unlike Solid Augers, drill rods can pass through the center of Hollow Stem Augers to take soil samples undisturbed for analysis or to install pipe for ground water monitoring. For ground water sampling, Hollow Stem Auger walls can be slotted, allowing water to pass through the center. Hollow Stem Augers can also be used as temporary casings to prevent borehole walls from caving in. To learn how August Mack can help with your drilling needs, click here!

Post Date: 1/26/2018

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