October 24th Webinar: An Apple a Day: Environmental Considerations for Healthcare Providers

When we think of industries dealing with environmental compliance our mind naturally drifts to large industrial sites with tall smoke stacks billowing pollutants. Though, how of ...Read More


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An Apple a Day: Environmental Considerations for Healthcare Providers
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

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Vapor intrusion mitigation is used to protect structures from the potentially harmful vapors resulting from subsurface contamination. One of the most effective ways to mitigate vapor intrusion is through the placement of a physical, chemical resistant vapor intrusion barrier between the contaminated surface and the structure. In addition to using physical barriers, other fixes include the use of active venting systems in order to remove vapors from the subsurface.

It should be noted that vapor intrusion mitigation will not remove the original source of the contamination, but the process aims to mitigate and control the problem by blocking contaminated vapors from finding a way into the structure and becoming hazardous to health. As a result, vapor intrusion mitigation is often used in conjunction with in situ groundwater and soil remediation solutions.  To learn more about how August Mack can help, visit our website here!

Post Date: 2/23/2018

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