The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?

If you’ve worked in an industrial setting long enough, odds are you’ve heard the phrase “TRI” or “Form R.” However, you may not know how it a ...Read More


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The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI): Does it apply to me?
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Keeping Wastewater Treatment Systems Compliant and Affordable

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Without taking specific process needs into account, providing an accurate estimate for the cost of a wastewater treatment system is virtually impossible. That being said, there are key factors that apply broadly across a variety of industrial wastewater systems, which after being evaluated, can give you a sense for how much you would spend.

Industrial water treatment systems cover a diverse range of applications, and are used across plants of varying size and complexity. System costs can range significantly due to these variables, with simple, low-flow systems running as low as $45,000, to high-end, high-capacity systems sometimes exceeding tens of millions of dollars. 

Industrial Wastewater Treatment System - What's Included?

The specific equipment used in your system will depend heavily upon which treatment types you need, as well as unique conditions of your process and plant. A list of equipment commonly operated across a variety of industrial water treatment systems follows:

  • Clarifiers for removal of suspended solids.
  • Lime softeners for reduction of total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • Oil/water separators and/or dissolved air flotation device for removal of oils.
  • Particle filtration for removal of larger particulates and suspended solids.
  • Membrane filtration for removal of dissolved particles and ionic substances.
  • Reverse osmosis or nanofiltration for water purification.
  • Filter presses for sludge dewatering.
  • IX columns for softening and/or selective removal of ionic substances
  • Reactors and chemical additives for pH adjustment or precipitation of metals
  • Peripherals, including pumps, tanks, piping, valves, and skids.

Wastewater Treatment Systems - Main Factors that Determine Cost

There are four main factors that determine the cost of industrial wastewater treatment systems, which include:

  • What are the flow-rate requirements of the system? 
  • What is the chemistry and quality of your influent stream?
  • What is the target level of quality for treated water?
  • What construction materials are required?

Answering these questions can help you pinpoint needs, and better understand costs associated with the system best suited for your facility. The actual components of your water treatment system will depend upon specific application. There is often flexibility in use of these and other technologies to fulfill given treatment needs.

With these factors in mind, it is often a good strategy to check with your system engineers and/or manufacturer about affordable alternatives. They might be able to shed some light on installation-friendly systems or provide suggestions to help keep your costs to a minimum.

Can August Mack Environmental help?

August Mack has over 30 years of experience custom-designing and manufacturing industrial water treatment systems for a range of industries and solutions, so please feel free to reach out to us with your questions. For more information or to get in touch, contact us here to set up a consultation with an engineer or request a quote. We can walk you through the steps for developing the proper solution and realistic cost for your industrial water treatment system needs.

To learn more about the services and technologies that AME offers, visit our page on water treatment solutions here.

Post Date: 7/12/2018

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