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After working for 38 years in industry and the last 27 years in the environmental business, Tom Anderson has visited a lot of facilities. Literally thousands! From heavy manufacturing sites such as steel mills and foundries to the clean environment of hospitals. Tom will be retiring in 2019 but will still be around for the first several months of the year. Join Tom for this “look back” on many of the things he’s seen over the years. He will provide suggestions to think about if you are chartered with the environmental responsibilities at your organization. Many of these are just plain old common sense but as we all know, “common sense is not always common.” Although the majority of his presentation will discuss observations related to day-to-day environmental compliance, he will touch on topics such as environmental due diligence and environmental remediation. Tom will also provide perspective of the importance of balancing environmental strategies with the real world challenges of operating a profitable organization. So join us on January 23, 2019 as Tom provides insights from his 38 years of experience.

Post Date: 12/26/2018

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