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August Mack is happy to provide a free Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event for Pennsylvania attorneys, bankers, brokers, and developers.

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Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: Spring Cleaning: Dusting off your EHS & Sustainability Program

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Spring cleaning normally involves a deep-clean of your home. Well, spring is also a great time to take a look at your EHS & Sustainability programs. Spring is a fantastic time to do an audit to make sure that the programs are being implemented properly or at all. Also, you can see what is in your program and if it is still applicable to your organization. Spring allows you time to make any necessary changes before the year has gotten away from you. In this webinar we are going to discuss EHS & Sustainability audits, how to prepare for the audit, and what to do after the audit. This webinar will be for those new to EHS & sustainability or those who want an overview.

Post Date: 4/23/2019

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