August Mack CLE Event in Indiana

August Mack is happy to provide a free Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event for Indiana attorneys. 

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Everyone talks a good game when it comes to regulatory compliance.  No one wants or plans to be out of compliance but having worked as an Environmental Consultant for many years there is always room for improvement.  This “room for improvement” can sometimes be identified during a regulatory agency inspection which can be very costly.  A number of real-life scenarios of the cost of not maintaining compliance will be reviewed followed by ways to achieve and maintain compliance long-term through August Mack’s award-winning eCAP®  (Compliance Assurance Program).  Through this program, August Mack’s technical staff can organize, prioritize and accurately complete all of your EPA, OSHA, DOT and other regulatory requirements. Register for the webinar by clicking here!

Post Date: 4/25/2019

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