The Connection Between Hurricanes and Indoor Air Quality

When we think of the damage that hurricanes can inflict upon our communities, our minds don’t immediately go to indoor air quality.

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Don't Forget - 2015 Webinars now on Wednesdays! - Marketing Department

Don't forget that starting January 2015, all August Mack webinars will now be on Wednesdays at 3pm EST. To check out all of the upcoming webinars...

   Post Date: 12/31/2014

OSHA is Here: An Overview of What To Do in an OSHA Inspection - Part 3 - Marketing Department

Preparing for an inspection means working every day to bring your facility or jobsite up to code. Management's strong commitment to safety and health...

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OSHA is Here: An Overview of What To Do in an OSHA Inspection - Part 2 - Marketing Department

The Certified Safety and Health Officer (CSHO) will follow guidelines outlined in the Field Operations Manual to conduct an inspection. More specific...

   Post Date: 12/29/2014

OSHA is Here: An Overview of What To Do in an OSHA Inspection: Part 1  - Marketing Department

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) perform inspections to protect worker's safety and health for various reasons. Reasons for...

   Post Date: 12/26/2014

August Mack offices closed for the Christmas holiday - Marketing Department

The August Mack offices are closed Wednesday, December 24th & Thursday, December 25th so that our employees can spend the holiday with their families...

   Post Date: 12/24/2014

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