September 12th Webinar: So Much to Do, So Little Time: Options for Environmental Due Diligence

There are multiple different options available for environmental due diligence, each varying in their complexity and the time it takes to complete them.  Frequently, the ty ...Read More


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Avoiding an Air Permit Violation When Your Permit Does Not Include All the Requirements
So Much to Do, So Little Time: Options for Environmental Due Dilligence
There's No Way Around It, Air Permitting is Here to Stay
An Apple a Day: Environmental Considerations for Healthcare Providers
August 19th Webinar: Department of Homeland Security - Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (CFATS) - Marketing Department

On April 9, 2007, the Department of Homeland Security issued an interim final rule (72 Federal Register 17688-17745 (April 9, 2007)) on chemical facility....


   Post Date: 7/31/2015

August 26th Webinar: Strategies for Completing Deals on Contaminated Properties - Marketing Department

Bad Phase I and Phase II findings should not necessarily kill a real estate deal...


   Post Date: 7/30/2015

Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: Mold, Lead, and Asbestos... Oh My! - Marketing Department

Do you know what is lurking in your ceiling tiles, beneath floor tile, or if that leaking pipe is going to lead to a toxic mold issue? 


   Post Date: 7/28/2015

Upcoming August Mack Webinars - Marketing Department

Check out all of the upcoming free webinars presented by August Mack Environmental. 


   Post Date: 7/27/2015

August 12th Webinar: Something Smells Funny - A Guide to Getting an Air Permit in Ohio - Marketing Department

This webinar will introduce you to the basics of air permitting in Ohio.  We will go into further detail by performing a quick “desktop” Emission Unit Inventory to give a basic.... 


   Post Date: 7/24/2015

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