September 12th Webinar: So Much to Do, So Little Time: Options for Environmental Due Diligence

There are multiple different options available for environmental due diligence, each varying in their complexity and the time it takes to complete them.  Frequently, the ty ...Read More


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Avoiding an Air Permit Violation When Your Permit Does Not Include All the Requirements
So Much to Do, So Little Time: Options for Environmental Due Dilligence
There's No Way Around It, Air Permitting is Here to Stay
An Apple a Day: Environmental Considerations for Healthcare Providers
March 30th Webinar: How to Maintain Compliance and Manage Personnel Changes - Marketing Department

A valued member of your environmental, health and safety (EH&S) team is out for extended leave, leaves unexpectedly or their position is eliminated as part of a company-wide reorganization


   Post Date: 2/29/2016

Maintaining Compliance and Managing Personnel Changes with August Mack's eCAP Program - Marketing Department

Since the days when people work for just one company over the course of their career are a thing of the past, managing personnel changes can be challenging. Not discounting the loss of institutional knowledge, there can be problems with compliance deficiencies if a smooth transition is not made between environmental, health...


   Post Date: 2/26/2016

EPA Vocabulary - Marketing Department

De Minimis Party: Party whose contribution of hazardous substances to a facility is minimal, both in terms of volume and toxicity (or other hazardous


   Post Date: 2/25/2016

Are You Ready for TSCA CDR Reporting? - Marketing Department

With it being four years since the last Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule, many details may have become a little fuzzy. There is just too much that changes for the EH&S professional to keep up. In this article we will review some basics to keep in mind...


   Post Date: 2/24/2016

Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: Local, State, & Federal Resources for Redeveloping Neglected Properties - Marketing Department

Are you considering purchasing a brownfield?  In Ohio, brownfields are defined as abandoned or underutilized properties, including but not limited to industrial and commercial facilities, where redevelopment or expansion...


   Post Date: 2/23/2016

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