Keeping Wastewater Treatment Systems Compliant and Affordable

Without taking specific process needs into account, providing an accurate estimate for the cost of a wastewater treatment system is virtually impossible. That being said, there ...Read More


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Solutions to the Environmental Sword of Damocles: EHS Audits and the eCAP Program.
Vapor Intrusion in Ohio: What You Need to Know
Lead in Drinking Water
Analytical Data Assessment and Validation for the Non-Chemist
Avoiding an Air Permit Violation When Your Permit Does Not Include All the Requirements
BUILD Act Includes Added Protection and Incentives for Brownfield Redevelopment - Marketing Department

The Brownfields Utilization, Investment, and Local Development Act (BUILD Act) is noteworthy when considering how rarely environmental legislation is passed by U.S. Congress. Signed on March 23, the act provides additional protections, resources, and incentives to public and private brownfield redevelopments and encourages development of renewable and energy-efficiency projects on them.


   Post Date: 6/27/2018

July 25th Webinar: Vapor Intrusion in Ohio: What You Need to Know - Marketing Department

Vapor intrusion is a relatively new environmental field. It is also the most common environmental impediment to site closure and property transaction in the marketplace today.


   Post Date: 6/25/2018

Requesting Phase 1 ESAs - Choosing the Right Consultant for Environmental Due Diligence - Marketing Department

Phase I ESAs determine potential contamination of soil, groundwater, buildings, and other items on a given property. When choosing environmental professionals to perform Phase I ESAs, it is important to make a well-informed decision. If made heavily on the basis of price or convenience over experience and expertise, it could end up being the most costly and problematic aspects of the entire transaction.


   Post Date: 6/22/2018

Small Business Sustainability - Simple, Cost-Effective Practices to Make Your Company More Environmentally-Friendly - Marketing Department

While the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) place a high value on sustainability, many struggle to put their own green policies into action. Arguably the most common barrier for SMEs looking to embrace sustainable practices is the belief that green efforts could be too costly to implement. However, in reality, socially and environmentally responsible plans don’t have to come at major company expenses. 


   Post Date: 6/20/2018

July 18th Webinar: Solutions to the Environmental Sword of Damocles: EHS Audits and the eCAP Program. - Marketing Department

The sword of Damocles is a reference to a precarious situation in which the outcome may be catastrophic. No organization wants to find themselves sitting under this metaphorical sword; however, too many organizations only realize they were under the sword when it was too late and disaster has struck.


   Post Date: 6/18/2018

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