September 12th Webinar: So Much to Do, So Little Time: Options for Environmental Due Diligence

There are multiple different options available for environmental due diligence, each varying in their complexity and the time it takes to complete them.  Frequently, the ty ...Read More


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So Much to Do, So Little Time: Options for Environmental Due Dilligence
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An Apple a Day: Environmental Considerations for Healthcare Providers
Using eCap To Plan For Compliance With New Requirements? - Marketing Department

In today's technological world with the seemingly instantaneous dissemination of information (except for when our computers are "updating") and countless "apps" you would think that planning for compliance with new requirements would be the norm and not the exception. However, since the move towards "LEAN" manufacturing, the ongoing focus on cost cutting, and a list of new requirements that just keeps getting longer even the "planners" among us have struggled to stay ahead of the curve. If you want to get back on track or just get a seat on the train here is how you can get started.


   Post Date: 5/17/2018

May 23rd Webinar: Using eCAP To Plan for Compliance - Marketing Department

Regulatory compliance has been estimated to be one of the largest ongoing and most uncertain expenses at manufacturing facilities. These rank just below the expenses of labor costs and benefits.


   Post Date: 4/23/2018

eCAP is the Solution - Marketing Department

So what is the problem?  Management of environmental, health and safety compliance. And just how is the Compliance Assurance Program (eCAP®) the solution to this problem?  The eCAP® program is an environmental health and safety (EH&S) management system (EMS) that outsources the client’s EH&S requirements to August Mack Environmental, Inc.’s (August Mack) team of EH&S experts for a fixed monthly fee.  


   Post Date: 4/18/2018

Electronic SDS Database: Why it Makes Sense - Marketing Department

Did you know that August Mack's eCAP program can help you manage your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) electronically? While you may think that most companies choose to store their SDS data electronically to stay within OSHA compliance. There are so many reasons why doing it this way makes sense! 


   Post Date: 3/23/2018

Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: Environmental Management Systems & August Mack's eCAP Program - Marketing Department

August Mack has been providing managed compliance programs for almost 29 years. eCAP® started in 1999 and currently services over 113 facilities throughout North America. 


   Post Date: 2/13/2018

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