Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: Not All Environmental Due Diligence is Equal

This webinar will attempt to put into perspective the appropriate due diligence protocol for borrower, lender, current owner, or perspective owner.

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Not All Environmental Due Diligence is Equal
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Environmental Management Systems & August Mack's eCAP Program
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What is a Risk Based Closure? - Marketing Department

A Risk Based Closure might sound scary, but really it is just the process of getting the regulatory body that is overseeing the cleanup of a contaminated property and the responsible party to agree that the contamination no longer poses a risk to human health or to the environment. The regulatory agency will then offer a "No Further Action" letter regarding the property. 


   Post Date: 1/3/2018

Moving Towards Closure on Legacy Properties - Marketing Department

It has been nearly 40 years since Love Canal ushered in the reality of dealing with environmental issues on legacy properties.   Love Canal also triggered a number of regulations related to how hazardous substances and pollutants are defined and who should be responsible for clean-up obligations, namely the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA).  


   Post Date: 12/26/2017

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup & Closure - Marketing Department

Decades ago the United States Environmental protection Agency (US EPA) determined that releases from underground storage tanks (USTs) storing petroleum products (primarily gasoline and diesel) were the main cause of groundwater contamination in the United States. 


   Post Date: 11/16/2017

Filling Up the Landfill for the Last Time - Marketing Department

Closing a landfill is much harder than the quick and basic facts that we are going to give you, but if you want to better understand the basics, then this post is for you. The quick and basics guide is as follows:


   Post Date: 11/3/2017

Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: Roadmap to Closure for Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites - Marketing Department

Once a release of a fuel product from an Underground Storage Tank is reported to the applicable regulatory agency, the responsible parties are faced with several options to obtain Closure of the Site. 


   Post Date: 10/17/2017

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