Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: Not All Environmental Due Diligence is Equal

This webinar will attempt to put into perspective the appropriate due diligence protocol for borrower, lender, current owner, or perspective owner.

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Not All Environmental Due Diligence is Equal
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Environmental Management Systems & August Mack's eCAP Program
Is it Dust, or Respirable Crystalline Silica? What's Your Liability?
February 14th Webinar: Environmental Management Systems & August Mack's eCAP Program - Marketing Department

August Mack has been providing managed compliance programs for almost 29 years. eCAP® started in 1999 and currently services over 113 facilities throughout North America. 


   Post Date: 1/15/2018

eCAP is the Solution - Marketing Department

So what is the problem?  Management of environmental, health and safety compliance. And just how is the Compliance Assurance Program (eCAP®) the solution to this problem?  The eCAP® program is an environmental health and safety (EH&S) management system (EMS) that outsources the client’s EH&S requirements to August Mack Environmental, Inc.’s (August Mack) team of EH&S experts for a fixed monthly fee.  


   Post Date: 1/9/2018

A Good Chemical Inventory is a Must for Regulatory Management - Marketing Department

Industrial facilities should always have a thorough chemical inventory system to be able to comply with the myriad of regulatory standards. This all starts off by complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hazard communication standard (29 CFR 1910.1200). 


   Post Date: 11/28/2017

August Mack's Compliance Assurance Program (eCAP) - Marketing Department

Knowing the difficulties associated with compliance, August Mack has developed a Compliance Assurance Program (eCAP®) that can revolutionize the way facilities manage compliance. eCAP® focuses on the facility's regulatory compliance, while reducing facility expenses on an annual basis and allowing internal personnel to focus on production.


   Post Date: 10/5/2017

Reminder - Tomorrow's Webinar: A Good Chemical Inventory is a must for Regulatory Management - Marketing Department

This presentation specifically focuses on the day-to-day management of chemicals that are used, stored or processed by a facility. Attendees can expect to learn the importance of chemical inventories and ways to keep their facilities up to date!


   Post Date: 9/12/2017

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